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Be alert; stay safe: Situational Awareness

Situational Awareness: When you are sitting in your car, perhaps waiting for someone, do you actively scan your field of vision (FOV) in every direction? If not, you should. The highest incidence of car-jackings occur in large, heavily populated cities, according to a report from The National Crime Victimization Survey (NCVS), administered by the Bureau of Justice Statistics. 44% of car-jackings occur in an open area, such as along the street, and 24% occur in garages or parking lots or near commercial areas, such as malls, gas stations, restaurants, office buildings, etc. Be mindful not to have your head buried in your cell phone for extended, uninterrupted periods of time, or be "SWD" --

"sitting while distracted". Your car is replaceable -- you are not. Be aware of your immediate surroundings. Scan your immediate surroundings visually. Process what you see and stay safe. The criminal is waiting for an opportunity. Don’t give them one. Heads up! Stay in the game! There is no sound on this video. Rizzo's Protective Group Ltd.

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