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Drilling down on HR culture, employee engagement & its nexus in the workplace -- with Tammy Triolo.

Welcome to another smokin’ hot edition of “Light ‘Em Up” --- our new podcast -- growing rapidly in its listener base—that focuses on the “true crime” world of Physical Security, The Criminal Justice System, Crime Scene Investigation and Leadership.

We have been blessed to have back-to-back interviews with two great subject matter experts.

Today we are focused on HR leadership and expertise with Tammy Triolo, Owner/Founder of PCQ consulting.

If you are an HR professional -- if you know anything about culture, employee engagement, compliance, credentialing and licensing, quality assurance, operational improvement or consulting ---it is imperative that you listen to this podcast interview.

This is an excellent conversation, packed from beginning to end with tremendous experience and insight about the HR process and experience.

Tammy has hammered out more than 15 years of experience in healthcare, leadership, operations, compliance, quality and auditing – just to mention a few areas of her expertise.

She possesses a keen awareness, caring and understanding of how much the people and culture of a company can drive its quality, operations, employee/customer/patient experiences and overall business success.

She shares in-depth insights regarding her personal and professional passion to improve the lives of employees and patients, in the constantly changing workplace environment, striving to enhance teamwork for long term business success.

We thank you in advance for your time in listening to this episode. We welcome your feedback, and if you have an idea for a broadcast, feel free to let us know.

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